Owner Christie Stancil Matthews was first introduced to real estate investing as a pre-teen helping her father (and co-founder) renovate investment properties. The lessons of hard work, transforming the look of a space, and investing stuck with her and helped fuel her careers as first an attorney, then a business and law professor, and, since 2014, as principal for Stancil Investments & Design. The firm was formed with the purpose of buying, renovating, and selling homes in the Charlotte and surrounding market, helping to transform neighborhoods and create beautiful spaces buyers can call home in the process. Christie is passionate about real estate investing and design, particularly using high-impact, cost-effective design to maximize the home-selling experience for all parties involved. Having bought and sold over 40 properties, Christie is excited to leverage her teaching, investing, and design background to help other investors, homeowners, groups, and individuals do the same.

Christie is a native Charlottean and resides there still with her husband and two children. Outside of real estate and design, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching action and sci-fi movies, traveling to tropical places, and youth ministry.