Stancil Investments & Design was formed in 2014 by a father and daughter team who combine their legal and engineering backgrounds and design enthusiasm to create a real estate investing company focused on good design as well as smart business.  They buy, renovate, and sell homes in the Charlotte market.


Christie Stancil Matthews was first introduced to real estate investing as a pre-teen helping her father (now business partner) renovate investment properties. The lessons of hard work, transforming the look of a space, and investing stuck with her and helped fuel her careers as an attorney, a business and law professor, and now as CEO of Stancil Investments & Design. Christie is passionate about good design and educating others about wealth-building. She has been a speaker and moderator at numerous conferences, including women’s empowerment events. Christie is planning to leverage her experience as a former estate planning and business attorney and professor to soon offer design, real estate investing, and other wealth-building informational products, so look for such offerings soon!


Melvin Stancil is a retired engineer with decades of real estate investing experience. He, too, has taught others and is passionate about real estate and wealth-building. Melvin has passed his real estate investing knowledge down to his daughter, Christie, and instilled the value of hard work and strategic thinking.